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Teen Patti Master Online Apk

 NameTeen Patti Master
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Golden India

New Version Updet 2024

teenpttimaster Is a fresh take on the classic card  game frome the indian subcontinent.

Play live with real playears from around the world anytime , anywhere in language of the your choice.

The app also allows you to play with freinds of join a publice game with other pleayers from around the world.

with Teenpttimaster  .

you can play in avariety of game models , including classic turbo and even privet tounaments.

Whether you `rea beginner or a seasoned veteran the Teen Patti Master Online APK provides you fun excitement and money.

Teenpttimaster is an online real cash game gamming Apk. This game lets the players win real cash by playing games online with other players.

  • Downlod & install the app referral link above.
  • Open the app & register with your mobile number.
  • Clim the signup bonus & daily login bonus.
  • Now use this bonus to play Teen Patti , rummy , Dragon vs tiger,andar bahar, car roulete, jhandi munda, explorer slotas or any other game and win real cash.
  • Open the application & click on Withdraw button.
  • Add your banck account details and save.
  • Now select your desirt withdrawal amount and confirm the withdrawal request.

Hello dosto  !!!

Teenpttimaster Game is  very popular game in india. 

This is a  online  game presented by Taurus Cash App in india .

 its more than 10 millian players users of this game.

so many peaple are playing online casino games in india but game cradit a cretade a lot of buzz in india.

 because people are afraid of chitting whil associted wirth Taurush Cash 

there is not danger of any kind of cheating.the original link of 3 Patti Master and Teen Patti Gold only for webside.you can to downlod it frome play store of any other application.

along with playing  online game.you can also send its link to your freinds and earn huge amount of commision in your free time at home  game play it Teenpttimaster

2 Step Verify By Teenpttimaster Online Apk

The Teenpttimaster Apk  has to be signup in two steps  from the mobile number


How To Signup Teenpttimaster

  • Step number : > 1
  • Teen Patti master Apk tips and tricks to play first click on downlod batton and downlolod the teenpttimaster
  • After downloding install the game and open the game.
  • In front of you three offson awase to singup the game. mobile mumber , facebook , and play as guest.
  • Among them the best most secure signup to mobile number.
  • Anter the mobile number and click on the logine button.
  • Anter six digit number otp on your mobile .enter the otp of six transactions in the givin otpboxand click one the login button.
  • Ane step copmplet veryfai game the game

Complet Verify Teenpttimaster Official Website  

  •  Step number :  2  > 
  • Verifai by Teen patti master golden india click signup button in the right at the middle top and enter the mobie number.
  • Click on the otp button. enter 4 di ghits  number otp on your mobile.4  digit number enter the otpbox
  • Click the login button.your game allright signup.
NOTE : – If there is any problem in getting otp on your mobile number , then turn off your mobile data once and put the phone in airplane mode. after this login again ,then otp will come easuly on your mobile number .your otp problem is eagy so

Complet Verify The Get Free Bonus Rs.100 Of Teenpttimaster

100 rupees bonus free is givin to new joining players 3 master plus. you have to complet three steps to get this bonus.

  • Step number > 1 : first off all downlod the game and singn up completely with mobile number.
  • Step number > 2 : send the referral link of your game 2 freinds and both of them register the tin patti completley .
  • Step number > 3 : you play the game and win 50 rupees.
Once these 3 staps are completet .will immedaitly get 100 rupees bonus winning .you can withdrow this 100 rupees directly to your banck account

newily join players and new divice can avil this bonus once teenpttimaster

.192.21 rupees is givin to you free in this bonus. and remaining rs.7.79 make freinds from your referel link 

and if your freinds richars rs. 20 then upo get 0.01 paisa added rs.1 bonus.when your 200 rupees

 Are completed in this way you can immediately withdrow this amount and withdrow cash from your banch accoun

Teenpttimaster Apk For Daily Free Rewards

Every new players joins this bonus throught teenpttimaster you downlod the game and 2 step signup comletely from mobile and open the game . you will option of daily rewards.

  • 1 day rs.>  5
  • 2 day rs. >  6
  • 3 day rs. >   7
  • 4 day rs. >    8
  •  5 day rs. >    9
  • 6 day rs. >      10
and finaly you get free bonus of rs. :135

Share to reffaral Link With Freinds / Refer & Earn Teenpttimaster Golden India

Invite And Earn Up To Rs. 1500 From Each Freind  / Share Earn Cash With Teenpttimaster Golden India

  • your referral link share whatsappfacebook and other social midia.
  • your referral link will earn you invite commicoun when your freind downlod the game.
  • make more and more freind every day and earn rs. 1500 invite commicossion.
  • by connecting link your freinds with your referrl link you can get good commicoun in this game
  • supper cashback bonus in this game, is avilable for first time to newly joined players.
  • click on supper cashback button to avail supper cashback.
  • in it you will find an offer of 500 + 1000 = 1500
  • you add rs. 500 so you get rs. 1500 to play the game.
  • in which 500 rupees will be immthediately available to play the game and above 1000 rupees will be deposited in goodluck. 
  • as soon as you play the  game the money in the goodluck will come the winning zone.
  • click on it and add that money to the game .
  • in this way you can avail supper cashback in this game

Weeckly & Monthly Card Bonus ForTeenpttimaster Old Version

you can availble card bonus in to ways inthe game .weekly card bonus and momthely card bonus.

Weeckly Card Bonus For Teenpattimaster Old Version 

  •  weeckly card bonus ; > if you add rs.500 to the weekly card bonus you gat to total of 660 rupees. that s rs.100will be deposited immediately and from the remiaing 560 rupees. 80rupees will be deposited daily for 7 days.
  • Monthly Card Bonus  Of  तीन पत्ती मास्टर गेम डाउनलोड
  • monthely card bonus ; > similariy if you want to get monthly bonus then click on monthly card bonus given next and click the monthly card . you can add rs.3000 . so you get 4000 rupees deposit.out of which 1000 rupees ar deposited immediaely and the remaining 3000 rupees deposited daily rs.100 for 30 days

you can take advantage of the card bonus and earn a huge amount of money everu day  at home in your free time by playing Teen patti master online app. 

The playrs are give the benafit of special card bonus in the master Teen Patti tips and tricks .in which yoy getb the benefit of up  to 30 card . this bonus plan is based on your richarg. 

you get one card on one richarg. the bonus from the card deposited directly in to yiour winning zone. your get this bonus according to the level.the more you recharg the higher the vlevel up bonus you can get free bonus 1 to 10000  rupees in this play. 

Add Money Rs. 500 & Get 1 Spain Free Of 

तीन पत्ती मास्टर ऑनलाइन

  • every player gest the benrfit of richarg free span in तीन पत्ती मास्टर ऑनलाइन mod downlod. this bonus is available from the richarg dne by the player.500 rupees are richarged by the player and get one span. click on the span and the wheel spans.when it stands , you get the bonus amount of rupees eritten on it rupees .
  • Rs. > 250
  • Rs . 500
  • Rs>1000
  • Rs.  > 2500
  • Rs>  5000
  • Rs.   > 10000
  • Rs.   > 20000
  • Rs.    > 30000
  • Rs.    >  50000
starting bonus.if you have richarged more money then by increasing the level you can get the benefit of jackpot. if you hit the jackpot,you can also become the owener of 1 coror.

Money Add To Game Play & Extra Bonus Of Teenpttimaster Old Varsion

 Money Add In Teenpttimaster Old version & Get Extra Bonus Of Real Money App 

  • here is completet information how can add noney online and get bonus in 3 Patti Master Old Version. first of all click on add cash button. then select how much money you want to add. click on the amount you want to add from 
  •  Rs. > 300           + 15 % Extra bonus on Add 
  •  Rs .> 300           + 15 % Extra bonus on add
  •  Rs. > 500           + 20 % Extra bonus on Add  
  •  Rs. > 1000         + 20 % Extra bunus on Add
  •  Rs .> 3000         + 25 % Extra bonus on Add
  •  Rs. > 5000         + 30 % Extra bonus on Add
  •  Rs. > 10000       + 30% Extra bonus on  Add
  •  Rs. > 20000       + 30 % Extra bonus on Add 
  • Then select the payment methiod. in wich your select any one form. 
  •   Upi  – 1
  •   UPI – 2
  •   UPI – 3
  •   Official
click on the add cash button below. then select the online payment method in which you pay by phone.official freinds if you want to make on official payment ,then you have to do it throught the chipps seller.you can richarge by paying the amount yothe chips seller who has a list of the chips sellar`s phone number.
  •  Paytm
  •  Phone pay
  •  Google pay
  •  Other upi
  •  Amazone
  •  All upi apps
  •   Mobile banking
Then click on pay button below.click on the cent button below your amount. enter your secert code in your mobile.your money has addeted successfull.

Top Lucky Teenpttimaster Of Teenpttimaster Online app 

There is an optio of 3 patti lucky game next to the add button at the bottom of  master Teen Patti Online App.click on it and there are 6  boxis for making money.

you can bet money in each boxe,which leads to winning in one box.folloing is the list of how money rupees you can win if you bet 100 rupees in which box.

 you batting to 10 // 50 // 100 // 500 // 1000 // 3000 & 5000 money in the slotas  box. only one box batting rs. below is the list of which box to put 100 rupees and how money rupees you will get winning ?

  •  Box ; > 1 HIGH  Add Money Rs. 100 x 3 = 300
  •  Box : > 2 PAIR  Add Money Rs. 100 x 4 = 400
  •  Box : > 3 COLUR Add Money Rs. 100 x 5 = 500
  •  Box : > 4 SEQ Add Money Rs. 100 x 6 = 600
  •  Box : > 5 PURE Add money Rs. 100 x 10 = 1000 & 
  • Jackpot win by 20 % 

 Top Win Treck Betting Off Teen Patti Lucky  Of Teenpttimaster Online App  

  • Bet less money when the firsat two line are running .
  • But when the winnig line of the last 3 houses comes,put more money in the last 3 houses only so that you can win more money.
  • This cay is the last mine of the jackpot.if you have bet on the jackpot and jackpot is won.
  • You get 20 times the money.jackpot winning takes time so don`t bet the every time.

All Top Games Of Teenpttimaster Online apk

the nanes of those games are as follows

Best All Supper Game Of  Teenpttimaster Apk

  1. Point Rummy    *       14.  Cricket Heroes
  2. Aunder Bahar  *  15.  7 Up Down  
  3. Crash             *   16.  Red Vs Black
  4. Car Roulete     *   17. wwingo lottery     
  5. Jhandi Munda  * 18  Horse Recing         
  6. Dragon vs Tiger * 19  3 Patti War
  7. Explorer Slotas *  20   Baccart Ab     
  8. Safari Wealth   *   21   Mufils Teenpatti
  9. Slotas              *   22.   Zandu
  10. Golden India    *   23.   Ak 47 Teenpatti
  11. Bikini Paradise *   24   Pot Blind
  12. Let`s Party       *  25   Candy Party
  13. Mines               *  26   Fishing War

All Detial Withdraw Progres In Teen Patti Master Purana

Withdraw InTeenpttimaster Purana

Below is the complete information on how you can withdrow your winning and commicoun in Teen  patti master purana and deposit it in to your banck accont.if you are a new player then first you have to reconfirm the account in the following from. 

first click on your protest button then you have to prepare the form the from as show in the above photo.

  • Firs enter your full name.enter your phone numbe below.
  • Then enter your bank account number.
  • Enter your banck account number below again and confirm the account.
  • Then enter the full name of your banck account holder.
  • Enter the ifc code of your banck account below.
  • Click on submit button below.
  • Cfteryour account is fully confirmed , select the amount you want to deposit.

Click on the withdrow button below and the full amount of the option you have chosen to deposit will be depositet in your banck account.

Teen Patti Master Mod Apk

Freind you can earn good money in Teen Patti Master Mod Apk game not only by playing but also by sending game links. hereis complete infromation on how you can earn commicoun by refering in Teen patti master Mod Apk. 

  • First of all downlod 3 ptti Mater game and open the game.
  • Then click on refer and earn button.
  • Coppy your referral link from heare.
  • Now share this copied link with your freind via whatsapp ,facebook and you tube.
  • Teen Patti Master All Rummy Club 

When someone downlods Teen Patti Master All Rummy App from your link and creates an account with their mobile number.
 You will immediately get your referral amount.when you completet the link and your freind downlods the game and sinup the mobil number.
 You get rs.-20 per freind and additional rs.-10 gulak absolutely free
If you make 10 freinds then you get rs. 200+ 100 = 300 ruppes totally free.apart from this ,if you make freinds from your link and those freinds add money to play games in the future
You can also get 30% commicounfrom them
Freinds in this way you can make more freinds by doing referral link and get more money from recharge of freinds.

Teen Patti Master Coustormer Care Contect Number

If you want to go more information from the given information about the 3 Patti Master Online App .

 Or if there is atecnical issuse in the program at the time of using this application.

Then contact the caustomer officer throght the support button with you can bar.

But to talk with the frinds office you can get from 8:30 Am. to 6:00 Pm. 

You can also get solution to the problem in the withdraw key program.

 contact to master Teen Patti just follow three easy step and connect to customer care.
  • Open MasterTeen Patti online game and click on the right corner see bellow image.
  • Now click massage button .
  • Now you ask anything about you questions.

How to contact Tin Patti Master Online Game,Master Teen Patti online game customer care number master Teen Patti conact number and many other the questions.

Teen Patti Master Golden India Win Game Unlited Treick new

Teen Patti Master Golden India  game is olso provided in the Tin Patti Master Online Application.freinds ,First of all you have to go the table of the Golden India Game . 

now freinds i am going to give you can easy teick to earn money from this Golden Game india.freinds ,in this Golden Game you are on winning lucky depend. freinds in this Golden India Application you can put a minimum Rs. 1.50 to Rs. 1500 Bettings.

freinds to do as much bettings in this Golden India Apk , you have to click on the spain button. and your golde game will start and you will know the win and lose in a 5 secounds. freinds  in this way you can earn 10 lakhs of rupees in a mony.

3 patti Master Golden India // New Golden Indian Game Trick // Teen Patti Master Old Game Winning Teick

Teen Patti Master Golden India ;- Hello Freinds Referralcode App readers ,Wellcome back again here i am back with one more application for you and this time we are back with one more online earning app which is known as Teen Patti Master Golden India.

although the golden indian is a game which is avilable in the Master Teen Patti app. Happy Teen Patti Apk Downlod. New Happy Teen Patti Online App

Dear freinds if you love the dragon vs tiger game in Teen patti master Golden India then you will also like this Golden India Game which is available in the Taurush Cash applications like Teen Patti Gold but here we will talk about the golden india game trick in Teen Patti Master Golden India.

so nice article i will tell you the winning trick of Golden india Game and you will be Ble to win real cash like many of the people who use the winning tricks and that will make you earn verry huge amount of real Cash because you can transfer the winnings in to the banck account.

  • How To Play And Win Golden Indian Game In Teen Patti Master Apk

Gays !!! i will tell you the trick that how can you the 3 patti  Master Golden India Game but before that you will have to downlod the app file and creat your account in this amazing 3 patti app.

so all the important steps which are how to downlod and how to creat your account in this Teen Patti Master Golden India Game apk is givin below kindly follow then and then get back to trick to play golden india gamming aap and real ,oney. 

How To Downlod Golden India Game Teen Patti Master Apk
  1. Click here to visit offical website.
  2. Search the 3 Patti Master Apk.
  3. Open the downlod button.
  4. App downlod will be in your mobil phone. 

Creat The Account : – Teen Patti Master Golden In India

  1. Downlod the 3 Patti master Apk.
  2. Install the game and then open the Apk.
  3. Enter Mobile Number & OTP
  4. Verify your mobile number with an OTP.
  5. Finaly click the rajister game.

So here we are the trick and you can use this winning treick trick to win money very easily and that can used by anyone

Teen Patti Master Apk All Top Keyward

Note ; > Contact@teenpttimaster.com is only for sharing direct downlod /referral link for Teen Patti Master and other gamming Apps. This app is owned by Taurush Cash., cotact them if you have any question or queries. 

We do not owen the app not do we we clim to owen the copyright for the image and logos.This website is just for APK downlod. (  ऐ वेबसाइट Teen Patti Master ki Official website नही है )

Warning :- Do not add money in this or any other Teen Patti Master Online Apk owened by Taurus cash.some times, money gets deducted from users account but in never adds to the game account. you have been warnet.We are not responsible for the app. 

Import Note :-
This Game involeves finacial risk. So all off you are r. because is the requested to play this gam ,oveon your own responsibillity and at your own risk. Because it is a kid of gambling game.
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