Teen Patti Diya

Teen Patti Diya

Friends, in today’s article, we are going to tell you about a new gaming application named Teen Patti Diya Apk. Friends, in this application you can make all your dreams come true by playing online games through mobile. Thousands of people have changed their career so why are you behind you also download this application and win lakhs of real real cash by playing games.

Teen Patti Diya Is a fresh take on the classic card  game frome the indian subcontinent.

Play live with real playears from around the world anytime , anywhere in language of the your choice.

The app also allows you to play with freinds of join a publice game with other pleayers from around the world.

with Teen Ptti Diya App  .

you can play in avariety of game models , including classic turbo and even privet tounaments.

Whether you `rea beginner or a seasoned veteran the Teen Patti Diya Online APK provides you fun excitement and money.

downlod free teen patti Diya. Get bonus Rs.550 & signup bonus Rs.1850 this aap is taurush cash present free aap Teen Patti Diya game

Teen Patti Diya Teen Patti Diya
Teen Patti Diya Apk Download – Teenptti Diya Real Cash

Teen patti Diya Apk Download – Teen Patti Diya Real Cash

Teen patti Diya

Teen Patti Diya Online Apk

 NameTeen Patti Diya
DownloadGoogle Play

How To Signup Teen Patti Diya Online Apk

  1. Step number : > 1
  2. Teen Patti Diya Apk tips and tricks to play first click on downlod batton and downlolod the teenpttimaster
  3. After downloding install the game and open the game.
  4. In front of you three offson awase to singup the game. mobile mumber And and play as guest.
  5. Among them the best most secure signup to mobile number.
  6. Anter the mobile number and click on the logine button.
  7. Anter six digit number otp on your mobile .enter the otp of six transactions in the givin otp boxand click one the login button.
  8. Ane step copmplet veryfai game the game

Teen Patti diya Teen Patti Diya

Complet Verify Teen Patti Diya Official Website  

  •  Step number :  2  > 
  • Verifai by Teen patti Diya golden india click signup button in the right at the middle top and enter the mobie number.
  • Click on the otp button. enter 4 di ghits  number otp on your mobile.4  digit number enter the otpbox
  • Click the login button.your game allright signup.
NOTE : – If there is any problem in getting otp on your mobile number , then turn off your mobile data once and put the phone in airplane mode. after this login again ,then otp will come easuly on your mobile number .your otp problem is eagy so
teen Patti Diya
Teen Patti Diya

We have given the names of all the games available in this application in the article so that you can follow them.

This application contains the following games.

1. Ludo – Friends, Ludo is a game which almost every child in the world, old, young, educated and uneducated people knows how to play.
In Ludo, the person who hits home first is the winner.

2. Dragon V/s Tiger – Friends, Dragon V/s Tiger is a game in which there are three types of slots. The one where the biggest jackpot comes is the winner, in which on 2 side you get 2 times the money and on 1 side you get 9 times the money. .

3. 3 Teen Patti – Friends, Teen Patti is such a game
In which 5 players can sit together and play, whoever has the highest number of cards given to the dealer is the winner.

4. Andar Bahar – Friends, Andar Bahar is a game in which there are 2 slots, on both sides you get 2 times the money and on one side you get 9 times the money.

5. Best of Five – Friends, Best of Five is a game where you get 5 cards. If the card distributed by the dealer matches the task started by him, then that player will win and he will get the winning money. will get.

6. Fishing War – Friends, Fishing War is such a game, if you are interested in fishing then you can earn fish marks and a lot of money in this game.

7. Card Roulette – Friends, Car Roulette is a game which has slots in which 40 times 30 times 20 times 10 times and 4 slots 5 * are given by the dealer and if you keep investing money then you will become the winner.

8. IPL – Friends, everyone knows how to play IPL, hence batting is done in it. The team which wins is called the winner.

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